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The Official Release of GTA 5 For iOS and Android

GTA 5 is now available for your mobile phone. GTA 5 IPA/APK is the number one solution for spending your time with the gang : Trevor,Michael and Franklin.

Grand Theft Auto 5 for Android and iOS

A New Feel To The Mobile World

Get ready to play GTA 5 and travel through Los Santos like you've never seen it before, on a mobile phone (or tablet) screen. It's time to adventure on out the whole city in the new GTA 5 iOS and Android game. Grand Theft Auto 5 has finally made its way to mobile platforms and the fans couldn't be happier with its release. Even though people have made comments about the graphics and FPS not being as great as the console version, that hasn't stopped the thousands of people from downloading it.

Rockstar did a fantastic job on the whole project including the online mode which is still in the beta phase. This GTA 5 iOS mobile app is a masterpiece and will have you entertained for the next months to come. There's new features to the game, but for the most part you don't need to worry about much of a difference on GTA 5 mobile. The same characters are in this one, and just like on PC, PS4, and Xbox one you can switch through the three of them throughout the game.

New Features Added

One of the awesome new features for GTA 5 Android and iOS is the Rockstar editor where users can record and produce videos of their favorite experiences. You have the choice to add it onto Rockstar Social Games Club or even Daily Motion, YouTube, or Vimeo. Share your Grand theft auto moments with friends and family. Now if you are wondering if there is an offline mode, wonder no more because YES! Single player mode was the foundation of this game.

Another great feature that was added was all the new items and luxury's. You will be able to purchase new weapons, accessories for your vehicles, new wardrobes, houses, and much more!

GTA V iOS is probably the only game out right now that has the best quality HD graphics, and some think it resembles the console and PC edition. However, using an older phone will slow the performance, and FPS down drastically. If you're thinking about playing this without issues of lag and what not, then consider going and upgrading to a better and faster phone. You are going to want a powerful processor, and a lot of ram in order for it to perform better.


Fans have already suggested that playing on a tablet is much more suitable for this type of game. It's truely a game changer for all the GTA followers. Now to make the game even better, Rockstar added the feature of letting you be able to open up a saved game file from your PC or Console version and continue your progress.

Now with online mode still being in beta mode, there will be plenty of bugs along the way. Go ahead and leave any comments of problems you encounter along the way. These will be mentioned to the DEV team in the future. Connecting online is best through a WiFi connection but bluetooth is also an option.

Android application
For Apple iOs


More Features

Heads up Display

GTA 5 iOS and Android game has the same map as before, and also has the same health bar indicator which will show you how much you have left in you. Once that bar is empty, the user is considered WASTED and will be sent to the closest hospital

Special Abilities

Each character has special and unique abilities:

Michael Looked at as the most wanted man in North America, for being an avid bank robber. He has expertise in being a sniper with good leader skills. One of the special capabilities that he has is slowing down time in a scene of gunfight, which in turn allows him to eliminate a target easier.
Franklin Very young, but open minded and smart for his age, Franklin has a love for fast cars and has great handling when driving. He has the ability to slow time when he drives
Trevor Considered an insane man which is actually an ability that can be activated. This doubles damage output making it easier to take out people.

Download your copy of Grand Theft Auto iOS and Android with these steps:

Step 1: Click on either the Android or iOS button below or up top and start the verification process. This is a simple task and doesn't take no longer than 5 minutes. This is put in place to verify your device.
Step 2: Install at least two apps and play each of them for 45 seconds to a minute long.
Step 3: Once you have played each one you will want to exit out of the apps and reboot your device.
Step 4: Wait till the app is installed and open it up
Step 5: Start a new game or open an exisitng file up

Step 1: After completing the offers, a file will unlock where you can then download it and start the process.
Step 2: Connect your iOS or Android Device up to the PC
Step 3: You will want to copy the GTA5.IPA or GTA5.APK to your tablet/phone.
Step 4: Now open up the file, and there will be a pop up box that says 'For Security Reasons Your Phone Is Set To Block The Installation Of Apps Coming From An Unknown Source'
Step 5: Now you want to hit "SETTINGS"
Step 6: Start the installation of GTA V
Step 7: After it is done installing, you will see the GTA 5 icon on your phone screen
Step 8: Open up the game (don't be shocked to find out that you have to wait a few minutes to download the rest of the obb+data files) the game will start after that